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Complementary and Alternative Medicine






Outline template

  1. Introduction
  • What claim are you investigating:

The claim being investigated in this article is the use of alternate medication therapies that have been on the rise in the recent past following the inability of the conventional methods of treatment to treat especially in the treatment of lifestyle diseases (Chou et al., 2016).

  • What is the counter argument to this claim?

Certain medical practitioners feel that the alternate methods have not been duly investigated thus are not exactly the best methods to adopt as their effectiveness is not guaranteed.

  • Who is making this claim?

Some medical practitioners and insurance providers.

  • What other parties are interested in this claim?

Health insurance providers and the government wish to have an assurance of the health condition of the population.

  1. Information
  • What types of information has been transmitted about this claim?
  1. Supporting detail
  2. Complementary and Alternative Medicine has provided pain relief in patients that have allergens to conventional medications.
  3. Supporting detail
  4. Cancer has been a leading cause of mortality across the globe but has been found to heal following alternative method of treatment.
  • Supporting detail
  1. Depression and other health related conditions such as obesity and diabetes can be treated using this method.
  • Does the claim conflict with your personal observations and background information?

No, in fact, it highlights personal thoughts that have been proved through the provision of healing methods that are better as they do not have adverse effects as seen in medicines and other drugs used to treat various illnesses.

  • Rhetoric and Fallacies
  1. What rhetoric and fallacies are used with respect to this claim?
  2. Supporting detail
  3. The conventional medicines have been attained through research build on scientific studies thus should not just be dismissed simply because they have failed in certain areas.
  4. Supporting detail
  5. The modern medicine discovered germs and has since then been used to provide solutions to eliminating these pathogens thus those that believe in CAM should leave room for the modern medicine as well (Chou et al., 2016).
  • Supporting detail
  1. Some ideologies on CAM borrow their foundation from modern medicine. For instance, acupuncture and bloodletting serve similar purposes (Falci et al., 2016).
  2. Research
  3. Are there any scientific findings of this claim?
  4. Supporting detail
  5. CAM taps into the natural energy of the body to speed up healing (Falci et al., 2016).
  6. Supporting detail
  7. The relaxation brought about by music therapy is relatable to the anti-anxiety medications (Falci et al., 2016).
  • Supporting detail
  1. As has been mentioned, certain processes borrow ideas from conventional medications and provide similar effects just like these medicines (Falci et al., 2016).
  2. What are the best ways to assess the probabilities of this claim?
  3. Supporting detail
  4. Studies can be undertaken comparing patients undergoing different types of medication and ascertain the most effective way of treating a medical condition.
  5. Supporting detail
  6. Literature review of studies carried out in the past by various scholars and analysis of the results attained done.
  • Supporting detail
  1. Sharing the information with the public and the necessary stakeholders who are likely to provide the resources to support the claims.
  2. Conclusion
  3. What are your conclusions about your claim?

CAM is a method of treatment that has had tremendous effects on the quality of lives lived by people across the globe (Chou et al., 2016). It has provided positive results in instances where conventional methods have failed. However, it is advisable that both methods be used so as to promote the health of people and ensure that better results are achieved.




Chou, L., Cicuttini, F. M., Urquhart, D. M., & Wluka, A. E. (2016). AB1021 Systematic Review             of Low Back Pain Consumers' Perceived Needs of Allied Health and Complementary and    Alternative Therapies.

Falci, L., Shi, Z., & Greenlee, H. (2016). Peer reviewed: multiple chronic conditions and use of             complementary and alternative medicine among US adults: results from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey. Preventing chronic disease, 13.

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